Thank you to everyone who nominated races, stores, coaches, clubs and more for the Best of Washington Running 2017. We have totaled the nominations and the top six nominees, where appropriate, have moved onto final voting. Sometimes fewer than six nominees were eligible for particular categories. You may vote until 11:59 March 15, 2017.

Best of Washington Running 2017

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Best of Washington Running 2017

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Best of Washington Running 2017

1. Best Maryland specialty running store:

2. Best D.C. specialty running store:

3. Best Virginia specialty running store:

4. Best running club:

5. Best nonprofit:

6. Best coach:

7. Best 5k:

8. Best 10k:

9. Best 10 mile:

10. Best half marathon:

11. Best race course:

12. Best pre-race expo and packet pickup:

13. Best local ultramarathon:

14. Best physical therapist or clinician:

15. Best place to take a visitor for a run in D.C.:

16. Best place to take a visitor for a run in Northern Virginia

17. Best place to take a visitor for a run in Montgomery or Prince George’s counties:

18. Best natural-surface trail:

19. Best paved trail:

20. Best perk of being a runner in the D.C. area: