Marine Corps Marathon 2016

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D.C. races: a handcycle mecca

Push-rim wheelchair racers and handcyclists are familiar on the courses of D.C.-area races, but that’s not the case elsewhere in the country. For as long as Army Capt. Kelly Elmlinger can remember, running has been a part of her life and of her family’s. Three years ago,

Mark Cucuzzella wants a solid foundation for military service members

Mark Cucuzzella’s highest hopes for running don’t involve him breaking the tape at a marathon. Or posting amazing sales figures at his West Virginia running store, Two Rivers Treads. He wants every military service member to be able to run injury-free. Recent military data showed that between

Green, WJ, Asfaw defend Montgomery County titles

Rohann Asfaw and Abbey Green both sewed up their individual Montgomery County championships with plenty of room to spare last year, and there was no indication anyone else racing would have made up much ground, but for a few miles on Saturday, Adam Nakasaka made things interesting.

Spectating at the Marine Corps Marathon

The Marine Corps Marathon brings thousands of spectators to Washington D.C. and Arlington every October, all of whom just want to see their runner and enjoy their time in the nation’s capital. In 2014, we published a spectator’s guide of advice from our editor. This year, we

Cut your MCM time: run the tangents

Running the Straight and Narrow As I write this, Marine Corps Marathon training is reaching its zenith. The calendar holds just a few more weeks for hard training. And by the time you read this, you’ll be tapering. It could even be race week, your thoughts shifting

Different MCM courses, same rough finish

Like many Marine Corps Marathon runners, Al Richmond fixated on a part of the course that he just couldn’t wait to finish. While running the race for the first time, he cursed the trip down the George Washington Parkway to Old Town Alexandria. “Running past the airport

Military Running: Christine Taranto

From her early days at the U.S. Naval Academy, Christine Taranto knew she wanted to be a Marine. Marines were tough and disciplined, the best of the best. The ones she met immediately impressed her. She worked to meet the Corps’ high standards for physical fitness and

The Kids on the Course

There was big news spreading at the DCXC Invitational, after the elementary school races. Two girls were eager to share it. “I got second place!” That wasn’t even the big news. From her friend: “I got ice cream!” Both were treated with equal praise by coaches and

Hating running, but doing it anyway

As two runners pass on an early morning shakeout, they nod and imagine saying to each other, “If nothing good happens today, at least we ran.” Not Marla Westervelt. “When someone waves to me, I wonder why,” she said. “I’m just thinking about how much I hate