The runner making Arlington County a great place to live

April is National County Government Month and it’s a great time to live in Arlington County if you’re a runner. Earlier this month, ranked Arlington sixth on its “Top 10 Healthiest Cities” list. And a few weeks prior, Arlington County was named the healthiest county in

Our (possible ) Boston Marathon runners

  They might not all be lining up on Monday morning, but any number of these 799 registrants from the Washington, D.C. area could be racing the Boston Marathon.   BIB NAME AGE M/F CITY STATE 10386 Ackerman, Rachel E 31 F Washington DC 22496 Adams, Diane

Cherry Blossom official distance – 9.39 miles

The final re-measurement of the Cherry Blossom race course determined that the rerouting caused the race distance to total 9.39 miles. A traffic accident that was treated as a crime scene near the Kutz Bridge, less than 90 minutes before the elite women’s advanced start, forced the

How a race course is certified

Have you ever finished a race thinking you’ve just set a personal record time, only to look down at your watch to discover that the race might have been too short? If so, you’re not alone. Many races — from 5ks to marathons — are, in fact,

Kenyans sweep Cherry Blossom titles

Editor’s note: A version of this story published Sunday night indicated the course had been remeasured at 9.54 miles and bonuses would be paid. As of Monday morning, Race Director Phil Stewart said the course would be remeasured again and the plan to pay bonuses based on

Traffic accident forces Cherry Blossom course rerouting

A morning traffic accident and resulting crime scene near the Kutz Bridge forced the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run to roughly half a mile, from the course. Although the was was initially recertified as 9.54 miles, that distance was called into question overnight and Race Director Phil Stewart

North strikes early in Bull Run 50, but South prevails in the end

Runners from Pennsylvania claimed top honors at the Bull Run 50 Miler Saturday in Clifton, Va., but when the first 100 finishers were counted, the entrants who identified with the South were the team champions. Of the 325 runners who started the race, 282 had finished roughly

Dream Big: From 4:07 to the Olympic Marathon Trials

People watch the Olympics and get inspired to try a new sport, or to work out a little harder at things they already do. Some even have a fleeting memory of past glory and say, yeah, if only I hadn’t quit my sport early, if only I

Marathoners take over Reston roads, paths

As important as discipline and determination can be when training for distance running, the trait that was most valuable to a lot of racers at Runners Marathon of Reston was adaptability. Chris Compson adapted when, after 24 miles of just trying to improve on his personal best time, he found himself

Vitamin D deficiencies during the winter could contribute to stress fractures

So you are three weeks away from your goal race and are in the shape of your life. You meet your pace group for a 14-mile training run on the Capital Crescent Trail and you are feeling good. Suddenly, you begin to experience pain on the top