MCM Preview: Kelly Swain

It was time, and Kelly Swain knew it. “I was always working up to a marathon,” she said just a month before toeing the line at the Marine Corps Marathon. The 29-year-old Burke native has been running since high school, but wanted to wait for the right

MCM Preview: Anthony Garofano

Through the throngs of  spectators lining the Marine Corps Marathon course, Marine Maj. Anthony Garofano will have his ears open. Underneath the canopy of cheers, he’ll listen for an unmistakable sound. “At certain points, she’ll be out there and, if she’s crying, she’ll be easy to hear,”

No Money, No Matter

He could have cashed in at any number of marathons. Instead, Carl Rundell chased a victory at the Marine Corps Marathon for four years, one that would have been lucrative only if wealth was measured in glory, honor and satisfaction from personal achievement. It just so happens

MCM Preview: Breanna Gawrys

Dr. Breanna Gawrys, a captain in the United States Air Force, will conquer the 2014 marathon on much more training and sleep than she did during the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon. “I was working a lot more — like 70-80 hours per week — so I didn’t

British take back small portion of Bethesda

The lads from St. Albans ran like they were fleeing Scotland Yard, winning the Georgetown Prep Classic during the annual exchange trip with their brothers across the pond. Students from the British St. Albans School  spent more than a week staying with runners’ families and soaking in the

MCM Preview: Jonathan Ferguson

Tall, sinewy, spectacled and pretty darn fast, Jonathan Ferguson has a direct gaze, matter of fact delivery, and an impressive running resume, but he shrugs off the suggestion that he’s intense.  A former Division I swimmer at the University of Maryland who transitioned to running after college,

MCM Preview: Jon Deitchman

  Jon Deitchman was 16 when he fell to the floor in the fourth quarter of his high school basketball game. He was having a heart attack. “I wasn’t feeling good in the fourth quarter, got dizzy, passed out and woke up in the intensive care unit in

Zarate edges Woods, WJ bests B-CC at Montgomery County meet

Draw a finish line anywhere in Maryland and just wait for Diego Zarate and Evan Woods will come barreling to claim it. It’s been happening the last two years and the rivalry saw its closest finish yet Saturday at the Montgomery County Cross Country Championships. They charged

Testing their brains in the classroom and legs on the course and dance floor

Joey Gaines got the answer to the question nobody ever thought to ask: What’s harder — running a 5k cross country race or traveling to Clifton, Va. from Greenbelt, Md. on a Sunday afternoon? After the rigors of the SAT and the harrying trip 43 mile trip

Gallagher makes it a three-peat at Army Ten-Miler

Kerri Gallagher will tell you 10 miles isn’t her specialty.  And she has a point. Last year, Gallagher was fifth in the 1500 meter run at the USA Track and Field Championships. Well, on the side, Gallagher this morning became the first runner in the Army Ten-Miler’s