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DNF – Did Not Falter

As soon as runners cross a starting line, they have big ideas as to what their finishes will look like. It could be a fast time, a new personal best, an epic photo finish or the idea of hugging a loved one at the end. Whatever the

The Last MCM Groundpounder

Elisa Zwanenburg is in awe of her father, as he nears 80 years old. “He’s very determined,” she said. “He’s very competitive. It may be the Marine in him.” Determined is one way to describe it. For over 40 years, Alfred “Al” Richmond has laced up his

Sports Bra Squad hits D.C. streets

Women in D.C. are ditching their shirts for their runs: It’s not about looking cute or beating the heat; it’s about striking the conversation of body positivity and how empowering being a woman is. “We want to change the mentality to recognize our accomplishments [as runners] and

Military Running: Tom’s Run

Joe Stammer never considered himself much of a runner. And yet, there was something appealing about signing up for a 200-mile relay. Tom’s Run offered more than just a flat course and a good time, it offered a logistical challenge that intrigued Stammer: Runners have 35 hours