RunWashington editorial staff

Editor in Chief Charlie Ban spends his days covering county government issues for the National Association of Counties newspaper County News. He lives in Tenleytown, runs for the Georgetown Running Club and curses the University of Richmond’s trustees daily for cutting the school’s men’s track program. Reach him at Follow Charlie and RunWashington at, on Twitter @runwashington and Instagram @runwashington.
Senior Editor Dickson Mercer works as a speechwriter for Siemens and previously wrote speeches for the U.S. Department of Transportation, wrote arts and entertainment features for newspapers and spent 16 months with the U.S. Peace Corps in Niger,West Africa with his wife Emily. He lives in Takoma Park, competes for Georgetown Running Club and tends to log his miles around Hains Point in the morning and the National Mall in the evening.

RunWashington contributors

Katie Bolton ran her first 5k in high school. She finished 12 minutes behind the star of the cross country team but she beat two of her friends so she kept running. She’s not much faster today but she can run a lot farther. She once wrote a college paper about Dean Karnazes. It was for a gender studies class. She stands by it. Katie lives, works and runs in Washington, D.C.

Dan DiFonzo is a longtime runner with nearly 50 marathon and ultramarathon finishes to his name. He is active in the Montgomery County Road Runners Club, for which he contributes to the newsletter, Intervals, takes photographs and announces at club races. He is an RRCA-certified coach.

Jim Hage, of Kensington, Md., has been running, racing and writing in the D.C. area for 40 years.

Elton Hayes is a legislative correspondent for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz) and occasionally  writes for The Fairfax Times and Tuscaloosa News, covering sports but maintaining a passion for features. His work has been featured on CNNSI, Fox Sports and Rivals. He has also been a featured guest on sports talk radio programs across the country.

Jake Klim is a sub-elite runner with the Georgetown Running Club who lives in North Bethesda, Md. His work as a freelance television producer has appeared on National Geographic Channel, The Weather Channel, History Channel and Military Channel, among others. After graduating from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Klim has spent the past 12 years exploring the various trails the greater-Washington, D.C. area has to offer and documents his training at He has written a book on a World War I submarine raid on Cape Cod,

Maggie Lloyd moved to Washington from Boston, which means she got a lot of strange looks from D.C. residents in the winter whenever she ran in shorts and a t-shirt. She’s a science policy nerd by day and is always on the lookout for the opportunity to practice her steeplechase skills, primarily by jumping over park benches to get around tourist groups.

David Pittman is a health and medical writer who has covered running for ESPN Rise and Running Times, plus other sports while a student at the University of Georgia. A Washington resident, he serves on the board for the Washington Running Club.

Emily Rabbitt is a freelance writer living in Alexandria. She started running marathons in 2011, and thinks, after seven completed, each slightly less slow than the last, she might be able to call herself a “real runner.” She is currently working on her first novel.


RunWashington-featured photographers

Sara Alepin teaches at the Washington School of Photography, as an audio/visual technician at the Phillips Collection and owns her own photography business, Photos from the Harty.

Jimmy Daly is a freelance photographer from Kensington, Md. He has been running competitively for more than 10 years and races as a member of the Georgetown Running Club. He also writes about technology for McMurryTMG, blogs about photography for This Week in Photography and occasionally shoots with Freed Photography.

Brian Knight has worked as a contract photographer for Pacers Events for several years and captures great environmental shots and photos of winners, mid-packers and volunteers at several races a year. His work can be seen at, and in Washington Post, Shape, Yahoo! News, Backpacker, Competitor Magazine, Blue Ridge Outdoors, Metro Sports DC, and

Ed Lull was a quick mid-distance runner at Lake Braddock and the College of William and Mary. He restarted the Chantilly Youth Association track program nine years ago after a 2-year period of dormancy and lives in Fairfax with his wife of 23 years, Lynn, and his three daughters Cali, Samantha and Hannah, who are all involved in the CYA track program. He photographs at many Northern Virginia cross country and track meets.

Ken Trombatore photographs dozens of races for the Montgomery County Road Runners Club. He ran his first marathon in 2005 and is a perennial Boston qualifier, more often than not.

Cheryl Young has been running for 23 years and works as a mortgage banker. A Reston, Va. resident, she loves the variety that comes with running in Northern Virginia. She is a major organizational force behind the Capital Area Runners.