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Weini Kelati edges Carmela Cardama Baez at the NCAA Championships 10k. Photo: NCAA Photo

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Gonzaga College High School teacher Ariel Laguielles finishes his 400+ mile run across part of Spain in eight days, 12 hours an 45 minutes, logging more than 416 miles, often on a swollen ankle.

Laguielles, 40, planned for a year to tackle the pilgrimage route taken by St. Ingatius Loyola, who founded the Jesuit order.

He topped out at 63.5 miles on day three and took a few down days to give his ankle time to heal, and he ended up in Manresa in high spirits June 4. His run established the fastest known time for the Camino Ignaciano.  He exceeded 50 miles a day five times.



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