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The DMV Distance Derby will add two new segments starting July 1:

  • Smelling Big Stinky – 1.2 miles: Starting at Michigan Ave NE, head up John McCormack Road NE, pass the Fort Totten transfer station and finish a few steps short of the gate.
  • Colorado 1.5 miles: Starting at 16th Street NW, run on the south lane of Colorado Ave NW, follow the outside of the cul de sac clockwise and take the north lane back to 16th Street NW.

See June’s results for the previous 20 segments here.

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Frosty 5k

Keep your running shoes fired up this winter and join us for the Frosty 5K and 1K Fun Run! The Frosty 5K benefits the Robinson Secondary School Track & Field Team. The starting gun goes off at 8:30 AM at

Running Shorts

D.C.’s Kerry Allen was a guest on the Run Farther and Faster podcast.

Oakton High School and American University alumna Samia Akbar was a guest on the Ali on the Run podcast.

The Guestbook Podcast recounted the Juneteenth Marathon held in Washington, D.C. June 13.

Herndon alumna Hiruni Wijayaratne was a guest on the Rambling Runner podcast.


Name: Ryan Bos

Self-described age group: 45-50

Residence: Washington, D.C.

Occupation: Executive Director, Capital Pride Alliance

Volunteer roles in the running world: Organized a challenging 8K trail and road race off of Lake Michigan, called the Tower Run.

Why you run: To stay fit, mentally healthy, and be able to indulge my sweet tooth for dark chocolate.

When did you get started running:  Playing night time team tag growing up in my neighborhood, as early as third and fourth grade.

Have you taken a break from running: Yes. I had some knee issues after high school, come to find out I needed a heel lift in my right shoe because my leg was shorter. More recently I took about 2.5 months off because of COVID-19 and a follow-up condition that had me in the hospital for about 10 days.

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Glory Days Grill XC 5k

Take a break from pounding the pavement and join us for the Glory Days Cross Country 5K! The starting gun goes off at 8:30 AM at Bull Run Regional Park Special Events Center. Pricing starts at $35 for early birds,

Alexandria’s Patrick Murray takes a gulp of water during the Marine Corps Marathon. Photo: Dustin Whitlow

The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer — which can mean one big thing for the running community: more runners are taking to the region’s sidewalks, paths and trails.

As more runners ditch the treadmill in favor of running outside, there are health and safety reminders to consider. Chief among them is knowing the correlation between warmer temperatures and running risk, said Dr. Wiemi Douoguih, the medical director of MedStar Sports Medicine for the Washington region. Spring can yield some warm-but-not-too-warm running conditions, but “just because the air feels [cooler], you have to be careful,” he said.

Temperatures can feel comfortable and quickly get dangerous as you exercise, he said. Runners need to be careful with outdoor exercise when temperatures are between 73 and 82 degrees, but with higher humidity levels — a foregone conclusion in the D.C. area — temperatures as low as 73 can be high risk, Dr. Douoguih said.

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Fall Classic 10k

Potomac River Running Fall Classic 10K is sure to become one of your new favorite events! Kick off the fall in style and run the Fall Classic! The starting gun goes off at 8 AM in One Loudoun. Pricing starts

Name: Jackie Ogden

Self-described age group: whatever 30 falls into

Residence: Logan Circle

Occupation: Capital markets strategist

How has your running changed in the last few weeks: Learning to manage breathing with a mask is adding some solid lung capacity. Definitely avoiding some of the more crowded paths along the Potomac, where possible! It has been fun to explore some alternative, less crowded running routes through the city!

Why you run: I do it for mental wellness, for friendship and community (shoutout to my beautiful running crew, Knife Hands, @goknifehands) and because I need balance for all of the sweets I eat.

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