Odyssey Trail Running Rampage (40 miler, Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 6 Miler)

The Discovery Center at Camp Carson at Douthat State Park, Virginia
14239 Douthat State Park Rd
Millboro, Virginia 24460

The Trail Half Marathon, the Trail Marathon, and the 40 mile Trail Ultra race courses will be a loop format offering challenging uphills, fast downhills and beautiful views at multiple points on the trail. Racers will run along creeks with waterfalls and through Rhododendron-covered tunnels engulfing the trails. The loop will have a total elevation gain of 2700 feet over 13 miles, the majority of which will be gained in the first four miles.

The 40 mile Ultra will entail 3 laps; the Marathon 2 laps; and the Half Marathon 1 lap. There will be 1 aid station on top of the mountain, at the cabin overlook, at mile 3.5 with water only; and 2 fully stocked aid stations at miles 9 (mile 1 for the Six Miler) and 11.25 (mile 3.5 for the Six Miler) of each loop. They will have HEED water, flat cola, potatoes and salt, banana halves, and pretzels at each station. Ultra and Marathon runners will be able to stage supplies at the finish of the loop.

The Six Mile Trail race will be a single loop with a few challenging uphills, but mostly rolling terrain. This loop will have almost 1000 feet of elevation gain. This race will incorporate the last four miles of the other three events’ loop with the addition of the Tobacco Hollow Ridge Trail at the start. The loops for all the events are a little long by 0.3 +/- miles (more plus). There will be no extra charge for the bonus miles!

Why the loop format? The loop preserves a little piece of history. The half marathon loop was designed as part of the Odyssey Off-Road Iron – Distance Triathlon, in which competitors capped off 2.4 miles of swimming and 112 miles of biking with the trail marathon of two 13.1 mile loops. Numerous requests for the option to skip the swim and bike and to “just” run the loop led to creation of the Trail Running Rampage events.

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