Washington, DC

Riley’s Rumble

South Germantown Recreational Park
South Germantown Recreational Park
Boyds, Maryland 20841


Come run the infamous Riley’s Rumble Half Marathon or 8k for a challenging and rewarding race experience.

Is Riley’s Rumble a race for you? Let’s find out.

Do you love running hills? Do you love running in summer heat? Does the DC area humidity inspire you to get out and sweat it out?

If you said yes to any of these questions, or even if you didn’t, come out & join us — you won’t regret it!

So which Rumble is the right distance for you?

If you are preparing for a fall marathon or are an experienced Half Marathoner- Get that 13.1.

If you are preparing for your first half marathon (perhaps the Parks Half Marathon in September) or if you want a little challenge but want to walk the next day: the Rumble 8k will help you hit those goals.

Please note, Riley’s Rumble is not a good idea for your first half marathon. However, if you choose not to run either race, please consider Volunteering. It will be a great time (guaranteed)!

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