MacArthur Boulevard

via Google Streetview
via Google Streetview

Washington D.C. and Bethesda, Md.

Length: 20.9 miles

Description: Up Wisconsin Avenue to Bradley Boulevard in Bethesda, out past the Beltway to Seven Locks Road, down to MacArthur and back into Georgetown.

Cons: After five miles or so, you leave the range of public transit, so bailing out gets a little hard. You’re reduced to running on the shoulder on Bradley, so be aware of traffic and avoid rush hour. Run where you can be seen.

Pros: You really gt out of town, you feel like you’re going somewhere and see a lot of different scenery. I love this one. There’s a convenience store near where Seven Locks Road meets MacArthur.  If you go counter-clockwise, you get the uphill out of the way early.

Tricky Points: Negotiating the shoulder on Bradley Boulevard.

Afterward: If you drive, park near Mimi’s (5435 Mac Arthur Blvd NW) and get an sandwich (closed Sunday). Otherwise, options abound in Georgetown and all the way up Wisconsin Avenue.


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