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2020 DMV Distance Derby

Current 2019 Runner Rankings
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These races were ranked in 2019

Questions? Multiple listings for one runner? Ran at least three ranked races and aren’t listed? Email [email protected].

How do you stack up against other runners in the Washington, D.C. area? Look no further. You can compare yourself among all runners, runners of your gender or your age group. See how your race one weekend impacts your overall ranking, because we’ll update the rankings weekly.

The year-end ranking will require six races, three in each half of the year.

Every race is graded on the per-mile pace based on historical results. That pace becomes the baseline on which point are awarded for that race. A runner who reaches that baseline pace earns 1000 points for the race, and point deviations results from pace differences by the second. For example, if the baseline pace for a race is 5:00, someone who runs 5:00 pace earns 1000, but a runner who averages 4:55 pace earns 1005 points, and a 5:05 average earns 995 points.

The top three results for each runner are considered. If you have run more than three ranked races, only your top three will be counted.

Note: Runners who have not reached the three race threshold are deemed “provisional runners.” To see provisional runner information, select “show provisional runners.” The status of these individuals will be change to “ranked” after they run three or more races.  

Please note these results are taken from the published, final results posted by race timers. We regret we cannot make results corrections for events; concerns and corrections should be directed to the race director and/or race timer for that specific event.

Runners who have not run three ranked races are listed as “provisional.”


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