Brett Ely of Team Strands Wins Women’s Title, Qualifies for 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials

From Running USA
Miami, FL
February 2, 2010

Ultramarathoner Michael Wardian (35) of Arlington, VA has multiple national titles at distances beyond 26.2 miles. On Sunday, January 31, Michael displayed his world-class endurance by winning the ING Miami Marathon with a time of2:28:39 in humid weather conditions in Miami, FL. He had arrived in southern Florida after working an 80-hour week as a shipping broker.

Brett Ely of Natick, MA, a research physiologist for the U.S. Department of Defense, won the women’s race in 2:45:36; it was her sixth marathon race, and her finish time met the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials “B” standard.

Michael Wardian completed the scenic 26.2-mile course with a comfortable victory margin of 7 minutes, 24 seconds; the second place finisher was 38-year-old Brazilian Cesar Martins (2:36:03). Clinical therapist Orinthal Striggles of Columbia, SC was third (2:38:43).

Michael Wardian and his wife, Jennifer, are parents of two children; Michael has completed more than 100 marathons, including two U.S. Olympic Trials marathons (2004, ’08). Three weeks ago, he finished fourth in the Disney Marathon. An international shipping broker for Potomac Maritime LLC, Michael has been handling shipments to earthquake-stricken Haiti and was concerned he might not be in peak form for the race.

“I ran [in the front] wire-to-wire,” said Michael Wardian. “I was able to dictate the pace, although it was a little humid and slowed down my time a bit. I was able to run a fairly good race given the conditions and having to work a lot. But I love my job and what I do, so it’s a sacrifice that I make happily. I was able to make a good showing for my sponsors and family and that’s what it’s all about.” Potomac Maritime’s biggest client is the largest container carrier in the world. Michael said about the current workload, “It’s been quite busy with trying to get cargo to Haiti. I’ve been working all weekend and we have to actually get back to the office Monday.”

Brett Ely of Natick, MA was happy about her victory in the women’s race. “I would love to see the photo of me coming across the finish line,” she said. “I was so thrilled. When I saw that finish line tape come up, well, the feeling of the tape across my chest felt so good.”

The second place female was Belarusian Alena Vinitskaya (2:48:02) of Eugene, OR; Yolanda Mercado of Puerto Rico was third (3:00:12).

In the half-marathon, Justin Young (1:05:57) of Bloomington, IN finished ahead of Team Strands teammate Michael Aish (1:06:38) of Arvada, CO, while Meghan Armstrong of Richfield, MN won (1:17:50) the women’s division, and Gabriella Trana of Costa Rica placed second in 1:22:20.

The event was run under cloudy skies in Miami, FL; for the record 18,321 runners, this offered some relief from the typical South Florida heat although weather conditions were humid.

8th ING Miami Marathon
Sunday, January 31, 2010
1) Michael Wardian (VA), 2:28:39, $2000
2) Cesar Martins (Brazil), 2:36:03, $1000
3) Orinthal Striggles (MI), 2:38:43, $500

1) Brett Ely (MA), 2:45:36, $2000
2) Alena Vinitskaya (Belarus), 2:48:02, $1000
3) Yolanda Mercado (Puerto Rico) 3:00:12, $500

ING Miami Half Marathon
1) Justin Young (IN), 1:05:57
2) Michael Aish (CO), 1:06:38
3) Patrick Rizzo (CO), 1:07:31

1) Meghan Armstrong (MN), 1:17:50
2) Gabriella Trana (CRC), 1:22:20
3) Marta Jimemez Portillo (El Salvador), 1:24:06

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