By Brenda Barrera
Washington, DC
October 30, 2011
For the Washington Running Report

Charles Ware wins it all in a near Olympic-class 2:19:16.

What a weekend with so many elements of drama. A rare fall storm hit the mid-Atlantic on Saturday bringing not only rain, but hail, sleet, slush, and snow. On Sunday, however, the skies cleared in time for the 36th Marine Corps Marathon where Army 1st Lt. Charles “Chad” Ware from Wheeling, IL won in an impressive 2:19:16 and Tezata Dengera, from Ellicott City, MD by way of Turkey, claimed the women’s title in 2:45:28.

With early morning temperatures hovering in the mid 30s and a slight breeze kicking up, there was nary a trace of the storm from the prior day except for a few slick spots on the roads and muddy fields as 20,895 runners completed ‘The People’s Marathon’ under bright sunshine and blue skies.

“Cold weather is a good thing for me,” smiled Ware, 27, as he soaked in his victory after giving thanks by looking upward, giving the number one sign and breaking the finish line tape.

A head taller than most of the lead runners, the lanky Midwesterner was easy to spot during the race. “I felt good through the early hills,” he said, then lost a little ground at mile 13 before he made his move at mile 19 to take the lead for the rest of the race.

When asked, Ware claimed he was not aiming for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials standard time of 2:19:00, but he knew it was within his grasp.

“If I kept on 5:18s [per mile], I knew I could get it,” he acknowledged. By the last couple of miles, however, he slowed a bit, narrowly missing the qualifying standard by 16 seconds.

Brushing off that topic, Ware emphasized the honor to run for the All-Army Team. “It’s a privilege to be able to represent the Army and wear the Army singlet,” he said. An Army Reservist, he will be going on active duty this January.

While most of Ware’s competition was either dropped or dropped out, stalwart Michael Wardian, who gives his all whether the distance is a 5K, 42K, or 100K, was trying to reel in the leader.

“I saw him at Crystal City and thought that wasn’t too far,” remarked Wardian who thought he might be able to catch Ware but was not able to do so. The Arlington running icon took the runner-up spot three minutes later in 2:23:46. Representing the Coast Guard, Patrick Fernandez, 24, from Alexandria finished next in 2:26:37.

Finishing in the top ten was Adam Condit, (left) a familiar runner on the local scene who recently moved to Cedar Rapids, IA. Condit ran the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon two weeks ago finishing in 2:27:20. At this race he ran 2:29:28 to clinch 5th place.

The women’s competition as not decided until after the 35K mark where the trio of Tezata Dengera (217), Emily Shertzer (146), and Getachew Shiferaw(3) all went through in 2:16:44 battling for top honors. It was after that mark when Dengera and Shertzer pulled away from Shiferaw, making it a two-woman race to the finish. Dengera prevailed to cross the finish line 27 seconds ahead of her competition, 2:45:28 to 2:45:55.

In photo race winner Dengera (217) races in a tight pack through Georgetown early in the race.

Two weeks ago Dengera ran the Under Armour Baltimore Marathon finishing 7th among the women in 2:37:52. So it is understandable that, while her time was a bit slower, capturing the victory was certainly sweet.

Shertzer, 31, from Jonestown, PA and representing the Air Force, made her marathon début this past May at the National Guard/Lincoln Marathon. On Sunday, she crushed her May début time (2:54:20) with her 2:45:55 runner-up finish and also qualified for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Team Trials. Shiferaw, 27, from Ellicott City, MD (ETH) took the final podium spot with her 2:47:30.

Arlington’s Lindsay Wilkins, 33, cracked the top 10 with her 6th place finish in 2:53:28 after running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon two weeks ago where she posted a 2:50:41.

Top wheelchair finishers in the rim category were Jacqui Kapinowski, 48, from Point Pleasant NJ in 2:05:46 and David Swope, 45, New Windsor MD in 2:12:12. The wheelchair crank field boasted almost 100 competitors. Leading the way in this division were Scot Seiss, 44, from Ricky Ridge, MD who crossed the finish 1:28:41 and Erica Davis, 30, from Carlsbad, CA who was the first woman in 2:13:52.

Most runners did not recognize a participant without his trademark wide-rim black glasses, but TV host and comedian Drew Carey, 53, finished his first marathon in 4:37:11. Carey finished 555th among the 1,170 competitors in the 50-54 age group.

Also among the marathon finishers . . .

Chas Bellew, 27, from Washington, DC who ran at Princeton decided to enter this race in 2010 and posted a 3:00:53 finish. He improved this year, bringing his time down quite a bit to 2:38:53.

Wearing bib #101, two-time Marine Corps Marathon champion Darrell General (1995, 1997), who is 45, ran a 2:48:06, placing third in his age group and 72nd overall. “My legs never loosened up,” he said afterward.

Kaitlin Koplin, 27, (left) from Washington, DC tried hard to break 3 hours but had a hard time warming up. She had to settle for 3:00:13. “I was still cold even at mile 8,” she said.

Speaking of cold, Maria Kozloski, 46, (right) from Bethesda, MD was all smiles at the finish but laughed as she recalled the chills earlier in the morning, “My teeth couldn’t stop chattering at the start.” Kozloski’s 3:08:54 was good enough for a second place in her age division.  She has now completed 20 marathons.

Caroline Bauer, 28, from Columbia, MD credits the group runs with the Howard County Striders for helping her finish in 3:17:35.

Among the many runners who raced in a costume was Sean Kelly, 25, from Annapolis MD. Here is a clue to his race day outfit: What is black and white and waddles? Yup, he donned a penguin suit and finished the race in 4:20:31. Kelly said the comments along the route included: “Go Penguin!” “Great, now I’m getting beat by a penguin!” and “Go Happy Feet!”

Araceli Uranga, 40, from Vienna, VA was dressed in pink from head to toe, including a tutu and even ran with a wand. Her time was 3:50:25.

At the runner finish area, Matt Stevenson, 40, from Arlington was happy to get off his feet and rested with his back against a fence, soaking up a little sun after finishing his 6th Marine Corps Marathon in 4:34:29.

The MCM 10K had 6,867 finishers and a new course record. Reuben Mwei, 25, from Acworth, GA handily won in 30:37, smashing the former record of 32:52 (Wyatt Boyd, 2009). Brian Dumm, 28, from Colorado Springs, CO finished next in 32:52 followed by the top local, Luke Belford, 29, from Nottingham, MD who finished the race in 33:13.

In the women’s 10K competition, Navy Lt. Amanda Rice, 27, from North Bethesda, MD, cruised to a 36:30 win. Rice said in an E-mail that being a member of the Armed Forces made the experience even more rewarding. Showing her competitive side, Rice admitted to adjusting her game plan mid-race from not only winning the women’s title, but seeing how many men she could beat. Her overall place was 14th and she beat 2,708 men. Jennifer Perrottet, 31, from San Marcos, CA took the runner-up spot in 39:22 and was followed by the top local Christine Rehwald, 32, from Arlington who crossed the line under 40 minutes with her 39:54 finish.


By James Moreland
Arlington, VA
September 25, 2011
For the Washington Running Report

Wounded Warriors led the way at the 8th Navy 5 Mile.

In its eighth year the race was on pace for a big boost over last year’s 1936 finishers. There were nearly 3,000 racers signed up. After being unmercifully dry in the summer, the last month has been swimmingly wet. One of the volunteers noted before the race, “The dew point and the temperature are the same. I don’t envy you racing today.” We had been promised rain all weekend and both mornings were essentially dry. It was going to be great to race!

Just after the racers lined up behind the ChronoTrack mats, the region’s godfather of running, George Banker, announced the color guard. They marched up in dress whites and we proudly listened to our National Anthem. As in past years there was an early start for our Wounded Warriors. That field was not as large as last year but they were even more enthusiastic. The bell was rung and they were off. Three minutes later the rest of the massive field raced east along the channel for the fast first mile.

The field included many younger runners, perhaps more than most of the other local races. (It should be noted that the oldest age group did change this year from 60-99 to 70-99. If you build them a division they will come.) Also in an increasingly common manner, there were more women than men among the finishers. Enthusiasm got the best of many of the runners. By the time the field wrapped back on itself at 1,000 meters some of the runners were finding their feet as heavy as the moisture in the air.P

In last year’s event Paul Hill, 21, of Annapolis, MD had a wonderful 27:43 to finish second overall behind Omari Daughtridge’s 26:55. This year Hill had plans to run that winning time. He almost made it improving to 26:57, again coming up one place short of victory. It was just the ninth time a runner had broken 27:00. The event record was set in 2008 at 26:22 when the race was run in West Potomac Park. Rest assured that the half mile behemoth of a hill in the fourth mile cost race winner (left) Patrick Fernandez, 24, of Alexandria, VA (26:23) the event record. He does have the course record of course. Chas Ballew was third in a fine 27:51.

For the women, only once has the winner broken 31:00, when Martha Merz raced 30:39 in 2006. The next year Ofelia Perotti, 51, became the oldest winner.

Only one other time has the winner broken 32:00 when Makely Lyon crossed first in 2009 with 31:54. She was runner-up last year in 32:35.

This year she was absent so Christine Rehwald (below right) stepped up and finished the race in front of 1000 women. Her time of 32:12 was one of the top five fastest times, the second best of the new course. The next two racers were spaced out with Anna Bernal arriving second in 32:48, followed by Margaret Smith in 33:22.

The generous masters division went to the top three finishers. John Zimmerman reprised his 2010 win (30:25) with a much improved 29:00. That is even more impressive considering the much better racing weather last year. Last year both second place masters were in their fifties. This year Toby Warden won for the women. Second place Kris Barner, 46, of Rockville, MD is no stranger to masters wins. The day before she was tops at the Kensington 8K. That course’s topography is amazingly like the Navy’s, with a killer decelerator just past 3 miles.

All during the event there was a great band playing for the runners’ enjoyment. It did seem to feature songs from an era favoring us older runners. Yes! There were water stops but Jack and Jill had to go up that hill to get a cup of water. Better still was to hydrate before and hope for the best. After the race, I was asked if maybe I should have worn some clothes with better wicking capability. After catching our breath, George Banker’s loudspeaker asked, “If you are still smiling, then maybe you still have something left.” Just turn and walk away; head over to the refreshments which included bottled water, fresh fruit, and the best muffins a race could have. At least the first three were.

Next year the weather will be cooler and the numbers will probably grow 50%.

The first two finishers go for the tie.

  1  2003 Patrick Fernandez      24 Alexandria VA         26:23 
    2  2603 Paul Hill              21 Annapolis MD          26:57 
    3   183 Chas Ballew            27 Washington DC         27:51 

                                FEMALE OPEN
    1  2585 Christine Rehwald      31 Arlington VA          32:12 
    2  2820 Anna Bernal            23 Quantico VA           32:48 
    3   437 Margaret Smith         31 Fort Belvoir VA       33:22 

                               MALE MASTERS
    1  1842 John Zimmerman         45 McLean VA             29:00 
    2  1845 Doug Perry             44 Alexandria VA         31:08 
    3  2326 Warren Djuric          49 Springfield VA        31:41 

                              FEMALE MASTERS
    1  2776 Toby Warden            44 Alexandria VA         36:42 
    2  2911 Kris Barner            46 Rockville MD          37:22 
    3  1052 Kimberly Person        46 Arlington VA          37:38 

                              MALE WHEELCHAIR
    1    10 Robert MacKey          48 Rockville MD          20:34 
    2    14 David Neumer           48 Rockville MD          20:34 

                             FEMALE WHEELCHAIR
    1  1648 Barbara Bowling        47 Vienna VA             33:36 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  01 - 14
    1   940 Samuel Garner          11 Odenton MD            40:21 
    2   678 Zachary Sims           12 Owings MD             44:42 
    3  2208 Alexander Lee          12 Montclair VA          45:44 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  01 - 14
    1  2198 Hunter Hullinger       11 Lorton VA             51:45 
    2  1712 Erykah Skinner         13 Great Mills MD        52:39 
    3   654 Gail Muggill           13 Arlington VA          53:56 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  15 - 19
    1  2008 Shyheim Council        16 Germantown MD         36:37 
    2  2926 Dylan Houle            19 Washington DC         37:14 
    3   719 Michael Grieg          16 Arlington VA          39:19 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  15 - 19
    1  2611 Jackie Chimiak         19 Annapolis MD          36:28 
    2  2612 Margaret Gilroy        19 Annapolis MD          39:05 
    3   172 Elena Alicea           16 Alexandria VA         42:16 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  20 - 24
    1  2606 Brian Real             21 Annapolis MD          29:15 
    2  2602 Michael Haydell        21 East Jordan MI        29:30 
    3  2604 Mathew McIntyre        21 Annapolis MD          30:14 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  20 - 24
    1  2610 Kimberly Bernardy      21 Highland CA           36:07 
    2     6 Theresa Funk           23 Rockville MD          37:06 
    3  2613 Whitney Irby           21 Annapolis MD          37:15 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  25 - 29
    1  2930 Dwayne Rax             29 Washington DC         29:24 
    2  2901 Nicholas Brown         29 Arlington VA          32:00 
    3  2103 Brian Klesh            27 Arlington VA          32:47 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  25 - 29
    1   577 Jessica Schwartz       25 Arlington VA          35:52 
    2  2862 Christine Monahan      25 Washington DC         35:59 
    3  2505 Colleen Mothander      29 Alexandria VA         36:08 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  30 - 34
    1    21 Matthew Aberant        31 Vienna VA             30:42 
    2  2001 Scott McCann           30 Alexandria VA         30:47 
    3  2681 Kevin Hanson           31 Anacostia Annex DC    32:08 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  30 - 34
    1  2871 Emily Reuter           31 Arlington VA          35:27 
    2  1576 Amanda Urquhart        32 Columbia MD           36:20 
    3   933 Susan Park             34 Washington DC         37:47 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  35 - 39
    1  1342 Brian Heidt            35 Silver Spring MD      29:59 
    2  2609 Nathan Nudelman        35 Annapolis MD          30:07 
    3  2927 Brian Beary            35 Washington DC         30:20 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  35 - 39
    1   448 Heather Barackman      36 Arlington VA          36:18 
    2  2312 Lauren Glaze           35 Baltimore MD          37:14 
    3  2054 Angel Boord            39 Washington DC         37:30 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  40 - 44
    1  2729 Bryan McEnaney         42 Springfield VA        32:09 
    2  2734 Brett Surbey           43 Fairfax VA            32:17 
    3   811 Andres Rodriguez       40 Arlington VA          33:45 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  40 - 44
    1   535 Jen Norris             40 McLean VA             37:39 
    2  1599 Yuki Riley             42 Bolling Afb DC        38:23 
    3  1876 Marie Godwin           41 Broadlands VA         41:02 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  45 - 49
    1  1945 Kennie Edwards         45 Baltimore MD          32:36 
    2  1132 James Beckett          48 Fairfax VA            33:48 
    3  2141 Bob Rote               49 Geneva IL             35:39 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  45 - 49
    1   532 Mary Bowman            46 Silver Spring MD      39:16 
    2  1424 Mery-Angela Katson     47 San Antonio TX        39:19 
    3  2918 Denise Coutlakis       47 Arlington VA          40:03 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  50 - 54
    1  2026 Steven Desantis        50 California MD         32:41 
    2  1844 David Johnson          50 Burke VA              32:43 
    3   445 Kevin Fitzgerald       53 Washington DC         34:25 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  50 - 54
    1  2079 Kathie Watson          52 Alexandria VA         39:05 
    2    65 Donna Hoffmeier        52 Arlington VA          41:48 
    3  2902 Marcia Hackney         50 Bowie MD              42:42 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  55 - 59
    1  2554 Pete Scala             59 Fairfax VA            36:11 
    2  1760 Glenn Clemmons         59 Herndon VA            36:58 
    3  1409 James Riordan          57 Fredericksburg VA     37:44 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  55 - 59
    1    61 Ray Nan Berry          55 Arlington VA          41:33 
    2   767 Ann Crane              57 Falls Church VA       43:43 
    3   684 Grace Rascati          55 Alexandria VA         43:52 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  60 - 64
    1   814 Robert Taylor          61 Alexandria VA         38:52 
    2  1170 Mark Franken           60 Germantown MD         39:21 
    3  2422 David Weddel           61 Woodbridge VA         41:46 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  60 - 64
    1  1229 Rita Jensen            62 Alexandria VA         51:24 
    2  2887 Jaine Summers          61 Annandale VA          53:08 
    3  1387 Susan Sweatt           60 Aldie VA              57:39 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  65 - 69
    1  2906 Michael Golash         68 Washington DC         41:08 
    2  1979 Chuck Lascano          68 Charlottesville VA    49:49 
    3  2621 John Potts             65 New Orleans LA        50:43 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  65 - 69
    1   228 Stephanie Stoll Dalton 67 Washington DC         60:25 
    2   338 Patricia Byrne         65 Falls Church VA       71:11 
    3   615 Rhoda Harpe            67 Alexandria VA         79:48 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  70 - 99
    1   993 Albert Vanocker        73 Waldorf MD            74:48 
    2  1865 Charles Hurley         71 Burke VA              79:28 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  70 - 99

Runners head past the starting line, also the 2K point in the race.



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