By George Banker
May 30, 2012
For the Washington Running Report

Karen celebrates winning her age group at the 1999 Annapolis 10 Miler.

To those who knew Karen Erb (April 11, 1951 – May 25, 2012) knew of her passion for running while being competitive it was always hidden behind the smile that she wore while she ran. It was through the heat and humidity at the Annapolis 10-Mile Run that she even smiled when climbing the bridge after the four mile mark. I had the rare opportunity on many occasions to be the one to capture her moments along the course.  I know that each time she tried to slip by but I made sure that I got my shot. To this day there is one picture that I only shared with her because she made a face which she thought that I could not get and I did. I did promise her that as long as I never got upset I would not send it to the newspaper. I can state that the picture remains in my files.

There were many Saturday morning runs with the National Capital Track Club (GNATS) from the Washington Sailing Marina off the George Washington Memorial Parkway that many miles were logged over the years. There are many runners from the Club who will remember Karen and no one can ever gauge the impact which she had on our lives. The smile she wore was contagious.

Too many were jealous because when you watched her run it was without any effort and she could not be caught. Look at her times over the years as she was very consistent and as each foot was planted it was well thought out.

I never had the time to share with Karen that each holiday season in December we sent holiday cards to each other’s family through the years and I still have the cards in my files. It is just one of those silly things which I do but now they will mean even more as they will serve as a reminder of Karen.

There are many races which Karen will not have the opportunity to run but we all have shared the road with Karen. We can still take to the roads and carry her in our hearts and thoughts.

The love of her family, Jay, Melissa, and Stephanie was that moving force.

The passion to run never fades away but Karen is just running in another place because it keeps the heart happy.

Remember that moment that Karen made you smile and cherish that for the years to come.

Karen really enjoyed the 10 mile races.


Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run

1989 15th 35-39 1:12:48
1993 9th 40-44 1:08:27
1994 10th 40-44 1:11:51
1995 25th 40-44 1:16:51
1996 7th 40-44 1:10:07
1998 2nd 45-49 1:08:01
1999 2nd 45-49 1:09:49
2000 4th 45-49 1:08:29
2002 2nd 50-54 1:13:44
2003 5th 50-54 1:14:28
2004 33rd 50-54 1:30:13
2005 10th 50-54 1:18:06
2008 6th 55-59 1:18:36


Annapolis 10 Mile Run

1993 5th 40-44 1:12:15
1994 5th 40-44 1:11:07
1995 9th 40-44 1:14:57
1999 1st 45-49 1:15:45
2002 1st 50-54 1:16:31
2003 2nd 50-54 1:16:03
2004 5th 50-54 1:20:13
2005 1st 50-54 1:14:06
2007 1st 55-59 1:16:10
2008 1st 55-59 1:17:33
2009   2:27:10


Army Ten-Miler

1992 3rd Master 1:08:43
1993 3rd Master 1:06:42
1994 3rd 40-44 1:07:52
1995 3rd Master 1:08:43
2002 3rd 50-54 1:13:45
2003 3rd 50-54 1:15:44
2004 5th 50-54 1:21:16
2005   N/A
2006 3rd 55-59 1:16:15
2007 1st 55-59 1:16:46
2008 3rd 55-59 1:25:16
2009   1:52:53
2011 3rd 60-64 1:32:53

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