Washington, DC
Robyn Kenul runs the Bowie State Football 5k in August. Photo: Charlie Ban

: Robyn Kenul

Self-described age group: I’m 32 years old

Residence: Reston

Occupation: Registered Dietitian

Why you run: I started running as a way to stay in shape, and I keep running because I enjoy working towards a goal. There are always limits to surpass and more PRs to set which makes running extremely rewarding.

When did you get started running: I dabbled with running back in 2013. My sister was a runner at the time and got me into it. I ran a few miles here and there and joined her at our local turkey trot race. I had the idea that running a marathon sounded much more cool so I decided to train for and run my first marathon back in 2015. That’s where my love for distance running began.
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Run with the June Bugs (XC) 2013. Photo: Ken Trombatore

Name: Daniel George

Self-described age group: M 30-35

Residence: Bethesda, MD

Occupation: Physical Therapist at ProAction PT

Volunteer roles in the running world: Water boy at multiple MCRRC races, Pacer at Cherry Blossom 10 miler, medical tent volunteer, guide runner for 2004 para-olympian

Why you run: My college coach would say “for fun and personal bests” but currently, for well-being and because it comes naturally.

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Photo: Brian W. Knight/Swim Bike Run Photography

Name:  Julie Peasley

Self-described age group: 40-45

Residence: Springfield

Occupation: Medical Librarian

Volunteer roles in the running world: I have worked a lot of water stops over the years.  I also love to help with pop-up cheer stations. If you have run DC Rock’n’Roll in the past five years, you have likely seen me and my friends at the top of the Big Hill as you turn on to Calvert, handing out candy and ringing the cow bells. We will be at the Richmond Marathon in a few weeks, too, so if a devil throws some candy at you, it might be me!

Why you run:  I first did it for my health and sanity.  I was battling health issues and worked in a high-stress environment. I started walking every day at lunch and decided to see how far I could walk in 30 minutes, trying to pick up my pace.  I quickly moved on to the Couch 2 5K program and ran my first marathon a year after that.  I now run because I am part of an amazing running group and it feels like a rolling party when we are together.

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Name: Gildas Le Moigne

Self-described age group: 38

Residence: Springfield

Occupation: Director of Development at Westminster School, Annandale

Volunteer roles in the running world: I created a 5K fundraiser for my school 3 years ago. I think it is a great way to create a sense of community and engagement. It also promotes a healthier way of living which is so important when you work with children.

Why you run:  I try to run away from my wife who is an elite runner. But she always catches me!

When did you get started running: Almost 10 years ago, when I met my wife

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Brittany Charboneau leads the Marine Corps Marathon coming off of the National Mall. Photo: Ed Lull

Brittany Charboneau tells her fair share of jokes, but she made a serious play for the Marine Corps Marathon record.

Aiming for 2:37:00, the Colorado-based comedian, actress and improv instructor took off after a few easy miles, grabbing the lead from 2015 and 2018 MCM winner Jenny Mendez and hitting the halfway mark at 1:18:05. Mendez eventually dropped out short of 20 miles.

The second half of the race was also not kind to Charambou, who ran 2:36:34 at the 2018 Los Angeles Marathon. She won Marine Corps, running 2:44:47, but given her goal, she wasn’t happy.

“I just didn’t feel great today,” she said. I felt good all week. Everything went heavy. It was a mental battle from the beginning.” 

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Photo: Swim Bike Run Photography

Name: Caitlin Briere

Self-described age group: 30-34

Residence: Old Town Alexandria

Occupation: Federal Employee

Volunteer roles in the running world: I’ve been volunteering each year at an aid station at the Umstead 100-mile race down in Raleigh, North Carolina. A few friends and I have made an annual girls’ weekend out of it.

Why you run: Because it helps me feel strong physically and mentally. I manage stress much better when I run regularly, and I find that I feel more energetic and am more productive when I start the day with a run or cross-training workout. Running also gives me necessary “me time” when I don’t have to be accountable to anyone else or focus on anything other than putting one foot in front of the other. Also because it helps balance out my massive sweet tooth!

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Name: Chad Young

Self-described age group: 38

Residence: Bethesda, Md.

Occupation: High School Math Teacher at Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS

Volunteer roles in the running world: Head Coach for Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field for the last 15 years – all at Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS; Maryland District 2 Representative to the State Committee for Cross Country; MCPS Cross Country Sport Director. Member of the RunWashington coaches panel

Why you run: Running is fun!  I enjoy getting outside and being active.  I don’t run to train for races, I just like to run.  If a race comes up and I’m feeling like racing, then I’ll do it.  I just enjoy running for my own enjoyment and as a routine for good health.

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Name: Samantha Kirby Cole

Self-described age group: 50-59

Residence: Arlington,Va.

Occupation: Physical education teacher

Why you run: Running is my time to reflect on my day and defrag my mind.

When did you get started running: I started running when I was in elementary school. When I was 7 years old I thought my older siblings were super cool. My brothers started running track so I joined too.

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Jonathan Terrell finishes the Miami race in the 2018 World Marathon Challenge. Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Terrell

Name: Jonathan Terrell

Self-described age group: 55-59

Residence: Washington, DC

Occupation: President of KCIC Consulting

Volunteer roles in the running world: I love to help new runners in their dreams to complete long courses.

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Montumental Runner – Francis Yu

Name: Francis Yu
Self-described age group: 30-34
Residence: Northeast DC
Occupation: Government attorney
Why you run: Besides improving my overall health and fitness, I enjoy the feeling that I set and achieved certain goals. There’s also something about exploring a city or town on a run that makes you feel like you’re making the place your own. Whenever I travel, whether running through popular spots or isolated, obscure places, a good sightseeing run makes me feel like I took a piece of that place with me.
When did you get started running: Relatively late, in my mid-20s. One day I decided to see how far I could go, and I surprised myself when I made it from Rosslyn and across the Memorial Bridge to the Georgetown waterfront without stopping. I did that loop two or three times a week for several years until I decided to train for my first half marathon in 2013.

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