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Name: Meghan Maloney

Self-described age group: The dreaded super competitive 30s group

Residence: Old Town Alexandria

Occupation: Project Manager

Why you run: Mostly to stay healthy and active, but I just love the feeling of running far and fast


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Photo: Dustin Whitlow/DWhit Photography

Name: Shlomo Fishman

Self-described age group: Competitive Open Male Division

Residence: Silver Spring

Occupation: Wellness Fitness Specialist

Volunteer roles in the running world:  My volunteering ranges from being course marshal, to assisting with the City of Rockville youth track meets, and any other roles as needed within the Montgomery County and D.C. area.

Why you run: Running allows me to be the best person I can be. When I push myself during a workout or a run, it allows me to apply it to any challenges or stressors I may face in day-to-day living.


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Name: Tatiana P. Mota

Self-described age group: Masters (I am 41)

Residence: Alexandria

Occupation: Human Resources Department for National Geographic Society. HR Business Partner.

Volunteer roles in the running world: I love cheering at races – NYC and Marine Corps has been my favorite ones to cheer on – super fun

Why you run: I run because it makes me feel stronger and that strength translates into my daily life and helps me tackle life challenges more confidently. I also run because It teaches me about myself and my capabilities. Whether is a good or bad run, I always learn something. I also like the way it makes me feel.


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Name: Robert Dewey 

Self-described age group: Fifties 

Residence: Bethesda 

Occupation: Government Relations VP, national wildlife conservation non-profit

Why I run: Running has been core part of my identity for over 40 years. I love to do it and it makes me feel great. 


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Name: Mike Harlow

Self-described age group: 65, over-the-hill geezer

Residence: Forest Hill, Md.

Occupation: (if applicable) Retired

Why I run: Lifestyle change when I turned 50. Used to be a two-pack-a-day smoker. Quit when I turned 50 and started running.



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Name: Rachel Cannon

Self-described age group: “Is almost-30 still young?”

Residence: Brookland, Washington D.C.

Occupation: Exhibitions Technician/Guest Services Manager at a local museum

Why you run: I’m an anxious person by nature, and running helps calm my brain. Plus, I love this city, and running connects me to it.


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Name:  Eric Setash

Age:  53

Residence:  Centreville, Va.

Occupation:  Mortgage Loan Officer

Why you run:  the health benefits, stress reduction, blah, blah, blah….  Really though, I just enjoy the crap out of it

When did you start running:  I started running in the early 90’s then took a decade off to start a family.  Then picked it up again in 2005


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Jessica Sutter
Capitol Hill

Self-described age group: 40-45

Occupation: Education Consultant

Why you run: Running makes me feel strong & never fails to help clarify whatever is clouding my mind on a given day

When did you get started running: Shortly before my 30th birthday. My dad had just run his first marathon and challenged me to train for a half-marathon with him. I had never run longer than a 5k before I started training for the 2007 Baltimore Half-Marathon. I’ve now run that race 7 times, and 16 half-marathons in total.


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Name: Julie Hartenbach

Self-described age group: 31 years old

Residence: Alexandria

Occupation: Program Analyst

Why you run: This reason changes as my life changes.  Years ago I ran for competition, then I ran for fitness.  Now, with a toddler at home, I run for sanity.  It’s a moment in the day where I can step away and just breathe for a few minutes, even if I’m running with the stroller, it’s my time.



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