Monumental Runner – Neisa Condemaita

I’m a radio correspondent for Territorio Trail Media (Spanish web and podcast) specializing in trail running and ultrarunning. We will be covering Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc for the fourth consecutive year and with more than 12 hours broadcast from Chamonix.

Name: Neisa Condemaita

Self-described age group: 40-49

Residence: Washington, D.C.

Occupation: Freelance Field Producer/Radio Correspondent. & Substitute Teacher at Mundo Verde Public Charter School (The first green-focused Charter School in D.C.)

Volunteer roles in the running world: Running Mentor Teens Run D.C. (2012-2015) and Girls on the Run D.C. (8th season)

Why you run: I started running thanks to the inspiration of my Dad, he was 65 years old when he started and that was a big motivation. When he passed away after battling with cancer for a year, I promised myself I would always follow his steps & all he thought me about the love for nature.

When did you get started running: 2009

Have you taken a break from running: Yes, in 2011 when I got serious injuries…

Training shoe: Hoka One One

Coach or training group: I coach myself, but I run with the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club, Pacers 14th Street and when I’m in my home country, Bolivia, I run with the Chaskis Runners

The hardest race you’ve ever run: Penyagolosa Trails HG MiM 62K, With 3300m D+ on a very technical route. In Spain this year.

Most adventurous decision you’ve made with your running: I think going up on distance, got in love with trail running and I want to accomplish a 100 Miler one day.

Running mentors: Jeff Horowitz, Elyse Braner, Judith Weber, Gary Knipling, Andrew Arbuckle.

My favorite place to run in the D.C. area is: C&O Canal if I want to do a fast long run, for a technical trail running route I’ll do the Potomac Heritage Trail

Favorite local trail:  Prince William Forest, Harper’s Ferry, Potomac Heritage Trail. 

My best race was: The North Face Endurance Challenge D.C. I got a PR this year! 50K 7:07:50. Also La Chakana 120K 4th female, 1st in my category in Bolivia this past weekend.

Favorite local race: The North Face Endurance Challenge D.C.

Ideal post-run meal: I love the recovery drink from Scratch Labs. But any good veggie or fruit smoothie is perfect.

Favorite flavor of gel, gu, etc: I consume Hûma Gels and my favorite flavor is the blackberry banana.

Pet peeve: The 3 a.m. hour, I got into ultrarunning and every time I ran more than a 100K, 3 a.m. really drives me crazy.

Goals: Run a 100 miler and encourage more women to get into ultrarunning.

Your advice for a new runner:  Be patient with yourself, every mile counts and you’ll get far progressively. Running is a blessing.

Favorite running book: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and North by Scott Jurek.

Song in your head during a run: “We are the champions” by Queen.

Have you dealt with a major injury: Yes, in 2011 I had to stop for many months. I had a herniated disc in the neck and the lower back also sciatica. After lots of therapy sessions a friend recommended me Bikram Yoga, it helped me to heal fast and now I practice at least 3 times per week. That’s when I started Trailrunning and had very few injuries.

Running quote: “Running is the heart of what it means to be human.” Christopher McDougall.

Why is the D.C. area a great place to be a runner:  We have beautiful green areas to run freely and the encouragement as well of the support of other runners is amazing! I really love our running community.

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