Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail 50K and 3H Half Marathon

Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail, King George, VA
4224 University Drive
King George, Virginia 22485

Gear up for a journey through the heart of Virginia’s Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail as we present one of the most challenging 50K trail races of the year! Brace yourself for a sizzling test of endurance set under the shade-providing trees along the trail, where only the boldest dare to conquer nature’s toughest challenge: A 50K + August + Virginia = a challenge you’ll never forget! Not quite ready for a 50K? Join us in the 3H Half Marathon taking place – same day, same location, starts 1 hour after the 50K.

The August Heat Challenge: August in Virginia means one thing – sweltering heat and humidity! Brace yourself for a true test of grit as you navigate the course. This race will push your physical and mental limits to new heights, separating the true trail warriors from the rest.

Fast, Flat Course: You don’t need to prepare heart-pounding ascents and knee-jolting descents. This course is flat, mostly shaded and well-maintained by the Friends of the DRHT! Settle in to your pace and crank out the miles!

Trailblazers Welcome: Whether you’re a seasoned ultra-runner or a brave soul seeking a new monumental challenge, this 50K is open to all trail enthusiasts willing to take on the ultimate test of endurance. Join a community of like-minded adventurers as you push boundaries, share triumphs, and create lasting memories in beautiful Virginia. There’s an 8-hour time limit for this race.

Earn Your Bragging Rights: Cross the finish line triumphant, knowing you’ve conquered 50 kilometers of trail fun! Every participant will receive a well-deserved finisher’s medal, a testament to their unyielding spirit and determination. Share your accomplishment proudly and wear your medal as a badge of honor!

Ready to redefine your limits and experience the thrill of conquering the beautiful DRHT in Virginia? Secure your spot in the hottest 50K and half marathon trail races this summer and prepare for an adventure like no other.

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