Pace the Nation – Sarah Sellers

Photo: Karen Mitchell

Boston Marathon runner-up Sarah Sellers talks about her race and sudden fame after finishing second in a marathon major in her second try at the distance.

After a keen observation from Docs, at (4:17) the guys start the show off talking about last weekends George Washington Parkway Classic 10 miler.

At (12:10) we are joined by 2nd place Boston Marathon finisher Sarah Sellers.  At (13:40) we talk about how Sarah got her start in running, and at (15:13) we talk about her time at Weber St.

At (16:15) we talk about how she gets her training in around her full time job as a nurse anesthetist.

At (21:20) we talk about her path to Boston, winning the Huntsville Marathon and signing up to join her younger brother.

At (23:15) Sarah talks about her thoughts concerning the weather going into Boston and her expectations going into the race and at (25:15) we talk about getting into the elite start wave and how she managed the weather at the start of the race.

At (29:30) Sarah talks about the first half of the Boston Marathon.

At (32:17) we ask Sarah about the second half of her race and then at (36:15) Sarah talks about the last few miles of the race.

At (37:42) Sarah talks about the last 600m of the race and crossing the finish line.  At (45:03) we ask Sarah about the current state of American distance running and being a part of that.  At (46:50) we ask Sarah what is next for her.

At (47:50) we ask Sarah what it was like to go back to work after Boston and at (49:30) we talk about her social media and her interaction with Kara Goucher.  We are back at (51:56) to recap the interview and we make an offer on the spot.

At (56:44) we talk a bit more about the men’s winner Yuki Kawauchi and a rumor about his motivation for the race.

At (1:02:57) we talk about a viral tweet by Caitlin K.

At (1:05:22) we recap the sparsely host-attended PTN Happy Hour.

We close out at (1:12:41) with a question to Farley about the Boston Bike experience.





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