Monumental Runner – Joe Snowaert

Name: Joe Snowaert

Self-described age group: 25-29

Residence: Washington, D.C.

Occupation: Program Specialist FCPS Office of Food and Nutrition Services

How has your running changed in the last few months: I’ve started running more and diving into some higher mileage weeks. I’ve also been doing a lot more trail running to get out of D.C. and some virtual races. Always thought virtual races were kind of silly, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Why you run: It has changed a lot, but right now I run because I love my running community and friends, my brain works so much better after a good run, and I am really curious what my body can do.

When did you get started running: Seventh grade track and field. That turned into cross country in high school, because that’s the sport my friends decided to do. All about that running community.

Have you taken a break from running:  I barely ran my first four years of college and then started to get back into it my fifth year. I’m planning on taking a nice break in a couple of weeks (read below).

Training shoe: Thicc bois (Hoka Clifton) on the road and flat bois on the trail (Altra Lone Peak).

Coach or training group: Pacers 14th Street and November Project

The hardest race you’ve ever run: Burning River 100M next Saturday. It hasn’t happened yet, and I am not sure if I am more terrified or excited?? Either way it will be the hardest race.

Most adventurous decision you’ve made with your running: I have fallen in love with trail running and Shenandoah over the last several months. So now I really want to run the tallest peak in every state. I’ve checked one, Spruce Knob in West Virginia.

Running mentors: I look up a lot to the people I run with. The friends that say, “Let’s do one repeat.” on the track even though everyone is dying. The folks who make me smile while we are running stairs absurdly early in the morning and the really inspiring people who set ambitious goals and crush them.

My favorite place to run in the D.C. area is:  It is basic and everyone runs there, but I am sucker for a run on the Mall. It is my everyday go to. Also a fan of a good night time monuments run.

Favorite local trail: The “Swamp Trail(?)” on Roosevelt Island. The outermost trail on the island. You can almost forget that you are in D.C. for a minute. I have literally almost run into deer on the island.

My best race was: Richmond Marathon 2019. I dropped my PR by a lot and I felt really good post race. It was one of those races where everything just feels right.

Favorite local race: Gar Williams! A great time of year and you get to cheer on folks on the out and back course.

Ideal post-run meal: Ice cream. Always ice cream.

Favorite flavor of gel, gu, etc: Well, the hops flavor is the worst Gu (maybe the worst thing I have eaten). I’m a big Spring Energy and Tailwind fan. I love a good berry flavor.

Pet peeve: People who run with traffic and not against it! We really all need to be on the same page about how to properly social distance while running these days.

Goals: I really wanted to qualify for Boston this year, but there is always next year!

Your advice for a new runner: Getting out the door is the hardest part. Not every run is going to feel great, but the good runs really make it worth it.

Favorite running book: “Finding Ultra” by Rich Roll

Song in your head during a run: “I Just Wanna Run” The Downtown Fiction

Have you dealt with a major injury: Nothing major (fingers crossed)

Running quote: Des is pretty quotable: “Keep Showing up.” “Racing will be back, but running never left and running just makes us better at this life stuff…” “Bourbon is Whiskey”

Why is the D.C. area a great place to be a runner: The plethora of running groups! Especially after all of this time solo running, I can’t wait to run with some friendly faces.

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