Monumental Runner – Eric Setash

Name:  Eric Setash

Age:  53

Residence:  Centreville, Va.

Occupation:  Mortgage Loan Officer

Why you run:  the health benefits, stress reduction, blah, blah, blah….  Really though, I just enjoy the crap out of it

When did you start running:  I started running in the early 90’s then took a decade off to start a family.  Then picked it up again in 2005

Have you taken a break from running:  Only for injuries

Training shoe:  Hoka Cliftons for the road and Hoka Challengers for the trail

Coach or training group:  Nope

The hardest race you’ve ever run:  In June of 2016 I ran the Old Dominion 100.  The time cut off was 28 hours and I finished in 27 hours and 41 minutes.  This race has something like 14,000 feet of elevation.  After running for 20 hours here was a big thunderstorm at midnight as we ran over the tallest mountain on the course, it was just surreal.

Most adventurous decision you’ve made with your running:  Besides doing the Old Dominion I ran my own version of Disney’s Dopey Challenge, except I called it a Dopey XL.  I ran a 5k on Wednesday, 10k on Thursday, half marathon on Friday, marathon on Saturday and then finished up Sunday with a 50k at Grant Pierce on a 250 meter indoor track.

Running Mentors: I’ve met and run a few races with Mike Wardian plus I follow him on social media.  He is a beast

My favorite place to run in the DC area:  Manassas battlefield and the Bull Run Occoquan Trail

Favorite local trail: Bull Run Occoquan Trail

My best race was:  Old Dominion because to this day I’m still not sure how I finished it

Favorite local race:  Love Marine Corps Marathon; I’ve run it 11 years in a row (12 times total).  My favorite though has to be Freedom’s Run marathon put on by Dr. Mark Cucuzzella up in Harpers Ferry.  It a smaller marathon that runs through four national parks.  Everything about this race is great.

Ideal post run meal:  whatever and beer

Favorite flavor gel, gu, etc:  I’m kind of partial to Tailwind green tea flavor

Pet Peeve:  I always say hello to folks that I pass when I run.  I find it rude when they totally ignore me.  I’m talking folks in my neighborhood.  Like what, they see me every day yet think I’m some kind of serial killer??  Just rude

Goals: Just keep running

Your advice for a new runner:  Just have fun.  Don’t take your running too seriously.  Get off the road and onto the trails.  Use lube

Favorite Running Book:  A bit old school here: Dr George Sheehan’s Running and Being

Song in your head during a run:  I always make a custom playlist for my long runs.  As most of these long runs are on Sunday mornings, I like Sunday Morning Coming Down by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Have you dealt with a major injury:  You bet!  I have had torn meniscus in both knees and had them both scoped.  Stress fractures, strained muscles, blisters, chaffing, all kinds of fun stuff.  Just got to learn to try and avoid these but then deal with them if they occur

Running quote: “Some people wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, and all their life for happiness……. I go running every morning”

Why is the DC area a great place to be a runner:  I love the different seasons most.  But then throw in the trails, the monuments, and the great running stores we have, and it’s just great

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