D.C. postseason 2019

Trying to keep track of team scores at the D.C. state meet gets a little dicey when Georgetown Day , Georgetown Visitation, Maret and Woodrow Wilson are involved. Photo: Charlie Ban

With a young team already realizing success, St. John’s figures to be a force in D.C., though Gonzaga wasn’t ready to concede the boys’ title just yet. The girls, on the other hand, avenged a state meet loss in 2018 to Woodrow Wilson. Cullen Capuano ran away for the boys’ win, but Georgetown Visitation sophomore kicked away from St. John’s freshman Meredith Gotzman for the girls’ title.

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I’ve begun moving our photos from cross country races (there are a few college and open races in there too) and road races to a SmugMug page – you can see them here. You can also read all of this season’s cross country coverage here.

Tara Anders leads the chase pack at the WCAC Championships. Photo: Charlie Ban


Tara Anders, St. John’s junior

Tara Anders’ promotion to the St. John’s varisty team was a big part of the Cadets’ WCAC and D.C. titles this year — she finished sixth and seventh in those races, respectively.


Allison Barker finishes the DCXC Invitational junior race. Photo: Charlie Ban

Allison Barker, Sidwell Friends junior

Allison Barker finished 22nd at the Oatlands Invitational and third in the DCXC Invitational junior race.


Dylan Blumenthal finishes the DCXC Invitational senior race. Photo: Charlie Ban

Dylan Blumenthal, Wilson senior

Dyland Blumenthal won the Ron Jenkins Invitational and the D.C. city championship before finishing sixth at the state meet. He also finished sixth in the senior race at the DCXC Invitational.


Patrick Donnelly races the DCXC Invitational junior race. Photo: Dustin Whitlow/DWhit Photography

Patrick Donnelly, Gonzaga junior

With Gavin McElhennon ailing, it fell to Patrick Donnelly lead the charge for Gonzaga behind Cullen Capuano. Donnelly most significantly held off Yakob Kelley to finish second at the WCAC Championships.


Zoe Eldelman races the Glory Days Invitational. Photo: Charlie Ban

Zoe Edelman, Washington Latin junior

The queen of the D.C. charter school league and a fifth pace finisher at the state meet, Zoe Edelman was a force outside of D.C., finishing third at the Glory Days Invitational.


Matias Facchinato-Sitja finishes the WCAC Championships. Photo: Charlie Ban

Matias Facchinato-Sitja, St. John’s sophomore

If St. John’s supplants Gonzaga in the WCAC or D.C. next year, Matias Facchinato-Sitja will likely be leading the way. The sophomore came on strong at the end of the season with a fourth place finish at the WCAC Championships and an eighth place finish at the state meet.


Lili Grant closes in on the finish at the Skip Grant Invitational. Photo: Charlie Ban

Lili Grant, Georgetown Visitation sophomore

After spending most of her freshman season sidelined by a heart ailment, Lili Grant didn’t ease back into racing. She went full bore, finishing third in the DCXC Invitational sophomore race and second at the Skip Grant Invitational. Then, less than two months after finishing nearly a minute behind her at the Landon Invitational, Grant outkicked Meredith Gotzman to win the D.C. championships.


Joe Himmelfarb races the D.C. state meet. Photo: Charlie Ban

Joe Himmelfarb, Wilson senior

Joe Himmelfarb finished second at the D.C. city championships and seventh in the state, along with second place at the Ron Jenkins Invitational.


Gavin McElhennon runs to a fifth place finish at the WCAC Championships. Photo: Charlie Ban

Gavin McElhennon, Gonzaga senior

After a long layoff thanks to a pretty bad injury, 2017 D.C. champion Gavin McElhennon came back just in time to help Gonzaga defend its WCAC and D.C. titles with fifth and ninth place finishes, respectively. He will run for Johns Hopkins University.


Ava Nicely finishes the DCXC invitational senior race. Photo: Charlie Ban

Ava Nicely, Woodrow Wilson senior

The D.C. city champion, Ava Nicely also won the Queen of Hea race at the Disney Classic and was eighth at the Third Battle Invitational.


Marisa Poe races the Landon Invitational. Photo: Charlie Ban

Marisa Poe, Maret sophomore

Marisa Poe finished eighth at the ISL Championships and sixth at the D.C. state meet.


Oliver Spiva finishes the DCXC Invitational senior race. Photo: Charlie Ban

Oliver Spiva, Washington Latin senior

In Luke Tewalt’s absence, Oliver Spiva made sure a Latin uniform was near the front of races, finishing fourth at the D.C. state meet. He will run for Amherst College.


Arjun Thillairajah runs the D.C. state meet. Photo: Charlie Ban

Arjun Thillairajah, Sidwell Friends senior 

Arjun Thillairajah won the Lake Forest Invitational in Delaware and the MAC Championships in Maryland before finishing 105th at Nike Cross Southeast.


Claire Wigglesworth runs the D.C. state meet. Photo: Charlie Ban

Claire Wigglesworth, Woodrow Wilson senior

Though she tried to row away with her crew team, Claire Wigglesworth couldn’t shake her love for running, and by mid-season she was racing for Wilson. She finished third at the state meet.

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