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When Joel Frye tore his achilles tendon in early 2020, he expected a tough recovery and some challenges returning to his passion for running. What he wasn’t expecting was a global pandemic that affected his physical therapy, rehabilitation, work life and attitude toward training.

Frye, a 36-year-old Capitol Heights resident, had an excellent running year in 2019. He achieved his personal best in the Richmond Marathon — 3:29; he was looking forward to doing the Speed Project relay race; he had his sights set on qualifying to run the Boston Marathon. His running group, which had branched off from District Running Collective, had a solid foundation, some good momentum and big goals heading in to 2020.

However, an injury and a year unlike anything he’d ever experienced changed his plans.

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Moonlight on the Falls Marathon

Join us for the Inaugural Moonlight on the Falls Marathon August 28-29, 2021 at beautiful Blackwater Falls State Park in Tucker County, West Virginia. Beat the summer heat and run with us under the stars and enjoy the perfect running temperatures

It was a cultural shift for Christie and Joe Jones.

Not to moving Virginia after living in Honduras and Bolivia. Rather than sitting quietly and clapping between points on the tennis court, they were welcome to… nay… encouraged to make as much noise as they could as their son Matthew ran around cross country courses.

“It’s a lot more exciting, you have a lot more adrenaline,” Christie said.

Matthew played tennis throughout his childhood as his family rotated among U.S. Foreign Service postings. When the Jones came back to the United States for a few years, he planned to keep at it and signed up for club tennis in advance of his freshman year at Thomas Edison High School. Then, the pandemic canceled all sports.

Well, nearly all sports.

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Blackwater Canyon Half Marathon

The Blackwater Canyon Half Marathon will take place on the Blackwater Canyon and Allegheny Highlands Trails running from Thomas, WV to Mill Race Park in Parsons, WV. Please join us for this epic event in support of the Highlands Trail

Running Shorts


With the steady increase in vaccinations and the decrease in local cases of COVID-19, fall in-person races are looking more and more likely. With the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile making plans to hold a race in September and open up the fall racing season, RunWashington will extend the DMV Distance Derby until the end of August to offer some competitive options.

View overall results for the first 12 months of the DMV Distance Derby here

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Friends Collective 5K Walk/Run

Walk/Run for charity on May 16,2021 in Rock Creek Park, DC.

Early bird pricing till April 1 – $35.00
April 2 – race day $50.00

Waldon Adams was killed, along with Rhonda Whitaker, April 24, 2021 in a hit-and-run while the pair was walking in East Potomac Park near Hains Point.
This story was originally published in the April/May 2013 issue of RunWashington.

Waldon Adams’ body went numb while the words poured from the physician’s mouth. As he sat aghast on a gurney in the emergency room at the Howard University Hospital, each word uttered by the doctor drove the invisible dagger deeper into his rapidly-beating heart.

To him, it just was not fair. While he admitted to routinely using freebase cocaine – cocaine dissolved by heat to be purified before use – for nearly two decades, he adamantly denied ever injecting the drug intravenously. But he said he did have an idea of how he contracted the deadly virus.

This was not really happening. Surely, it must be a mistake. The only health obstacles Adams faced up until this point in his life were infrequent bouts with asthma. Now, he listened as a stranger gave him the somber news that would ultimately alter his life. Adams had tested positive for HIV.

“When I first received the diagnosis, I was really upset. I was really devastated,” said Adams, who recently celebrated his 52nd birthday. “I cried and was admitted to the psychiatric ward. When I was released from the ward three days later, the first thing I did was get high. I figured that I was going to die anyway.”

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Garrett Woodhouse gave an understated evaluation of Oakton’s performance at the 2019 Virginia state meet.

“We’re very dissatisfied with this race,” he said. “We’re always striving for more.”

The Cougars had fallen — hard — to West Springfield and were looking at a longer wait than normal until they could take another swing, 2020 being a leap year and all.

How little they knew that the extra day would be the least of their worries.

Of the three localities RunWashington covers, only Virginia pulled off some semblance of a traditional cross country season in the 2020-2021 school year as high school sports in the D.C. area were postponed from the fall or canceled entirely. In Maryland, Montgomery County schools managed a few dual meets, but had no postseason.

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