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Lake Braddock’s girls celebrate upon hearing they won the 6A championship. From left: Amelia Bradecamp, Sophia Rossen, Caroline Fleenor, Kayla Nocerito’s back, Alexandra Hague. Photo: Bruce Buckley

It had been a while since Bethany Graham had run down the long stretch that leads to the Virginia state meet finish line at Great Meadow. Three years in fact, since she had made it through a cross country season unscathed. In that time, John Champe high school grew to 6A from 4A, and when the senior finished first with a 34-second margin of victory over Ocean Lakes sophomore Aniya Mosley running 17:42, she nearly led the Knights to a team title in the state’s largest division.

But unfortunately for Champe, the six of the top 11 finishers were running without their teams, meaning Lake Braddock’s top finisher Sophie Willis’s 12th place finish only counted as six points, cutting the advantage Graham offered. Lake Braddock put seven ahead of Champe’s fifth and edged the Knights by eight points.

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Bryce Lentz leads Sean Stuck in the second mile of the Virginia 6A championship. Oakton boys are following in light blue. Photo: Bruce Buckley

Ahead of the Virginia state championships, West Springfield coach Chris Pellegrini figured the race would essentially be a dual meet with Oakton. 

In a dual meet, a 1-2-3 sweep can’t be beaten. While muti-team meets are a little more forgiving, seniors Sean Stuck, Sam Pritchard and Chris Weeks made the Spartans a tough act to follow. Stuck won the race overall, running the 5k course at Great Meadow in 15:21, the fastest time of the day. Second place Wesley Bond of Landstown and third place Bryce Lentz of Colgan didn’t have teams in the race, so Pritchard’s 15:50 and Weeks’ 15:53 counted as second and third for scoring purposes.

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Run/Walk 5K for Democracy in Algeria. You aren’t alone

As you may know, Algerian people have been peacefully demonstrating for more than 8 months. Their only demand is the total removal of corrupt and aging regime that has been oppressing and silencing millions of Algerians, who their only crime

Run with the June Bugs (XC) 2013. Photo: Ken Trombatore

Name: Daniel George

Self-described age group: M 30-35

Residence: Bethesda, MD

Occupation: Physical Therapist at ProAction PT

Volunteer roles in the running world: Water boy at multiple MCRRC races, Pacer at Cherry Blossom 10 miler, medical tent volunteer, guide runner for 2004 para-olympian

Why you run: My college coach would say “for fun and personal bests” but currently, for well-being and because it comes naturally.

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Jill Pollack leads a group through the 2018 Berlin Marathon. Photo: Sportograf

 For four years in New York, Jillian Pollack seemed to be throwing her time, energy and sweat into a hole the size of a skyscraper foundation. 

It wasn’t wasted – she met her best friends as a runner for Columbia University – but running wasn’t the same as when she was a star a Winchester’s Millbrook High School.

When she came back five years later to run the New York City Marathon, she got the payoff she had been working toward years before, one that put the Olympic Marathon Trials standard squarely in her view.

“I enjoyed running there and I made my best friends there, but college running didn’t go well,” she said. “I never made a conference meet, but I loved the sport.”

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The Jingle Bell Rock & Run takes place on Saturday, December 14th at the area’s premier gathering place – One Loudoun in Ashburn, Va! Celebrate the holidays with us! Run the 5K/10K race, or have your little ones hop straight

Bethesda’s Tom Kramer celebrates completing his 43rd Marine Corps Marathon. Photo: Courtesy of Tom Kramer

Bethesda’s Tom Kramer may not have run every single Marine Corps Marathon, but that’s only because he skipped the first one. From then on, 76-year-old Kramer has run 43 of the 44 Marine Corps Marathons, an achievement that has put his name in the Marine Corps Marathon Hall of Fame.

With 43, he moves into the lead for most Marine Corps Marathon finishes. He had been tied at 42 with Arlington’s Al Richmond, whose “Groundpounder” streak ended last year when he passed on running his 43rd.  Donald Aycock of Fairbanks, Alaska and Steve Bozeman of Lynchburg have finished 42. Maureen Higgins of Perdidio Beach, Ala. leads the women with 32 finishes.

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Holiday Half and 4 miler

The Holiday Half Marathon and 4 Mile Fun Run showcases beautiful Wakefield Park, Lake Accotink and the Gerry Connolly Cross County Trail. Come and join in on the fun!

The races begin at 8:30 am at Wakefield Park. With fees

Gen. Dennis J. Reimer runs the 2019 Army Ten-Miler. Photo: Marathon Photos

After running his 16th Army Ten-Miler, Gen. Dennis J. Reimer, the former chief of staff of the U.S. Army, reflected on the role that physical fitness plays in today’s military, his career in the Army and his life as a runner.

This year, at age 80, he ran the course in 2:07:07. During his tenure as chief of staff from 1995-1999, he ran the course, in 1998, in 1:10:45, finishing 1,207 out of 7,933 men.

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Jenna Goldberg leads Charlotte Turesson early in the 2019 Maryland state cross country championships. Photo: Charlie Ban

Buried back in 56th place last year, Walter Johnson’s Jenna Goldberg knew her state meet performance wasn’t what she felt was possible. But it wasn’t as much because of her then-recently-diagnosed anemia. It was her confidence.

“I definitely felt stronger, significantly better, but I’m just in a much better place mentally,” she said soon after winning the 2019 4A title in 17:50. “Every race this year gave me the opportunity to experiment with different racing styles and see how they worked. By the end, I proved that easing into the race was the best strategy for me.”

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